Lesson 9.9

Monday night I had a line lesson with Doc.  Laurie brought some toys out to the round pen, and had an extremely evil grin on her face.  While I wondered what the hand weights were for, I think I knew what I would be doing with the playdoh and the ball.

The reins were tied and resting on Doc's neck, and I was challenged to catch the ball that Laurie tossed at me.  I was not able to catch the ball often when we were tracking clockwise, and I learned last night just how poorly coordinated I am!  I dropped the ball more than I caught it!

Next, I was given the playdoh , and told to make a heart.  Then a bird, and then a fish.  My sculpting skills need work.  Never having thought that I would need to be able to mold clay while trotting on horseback, I have neglected that particular artistic skill.

Then Laurie started tossing the ball at me again, but I just couldn't catch it!  Taking a break from that futile exercise, she had me drop my stirrups and placed a hand weight on each foot.  Then I was supposed to keep them on my feet while posting the trot.  If both weights fell off, I had to two-point the entire circumference of the round pen.  Needless to say, I spent a lot of time in the two-point, circling the round pen!  I did make him trot to get around faster, but Doc isn't exactly the fastest horse on the property.  When she put the hand weights away, Laurie said I actually kept them on longer than most people.

The line lessons make me realize how poor my balance really is.  If I keep having one a week, I hope it improves! 

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