Lesson 9.10

I rode Sammy for last night's lesson.  It was lovely night for riding.   With a high of 86, there was no nasty humidity to suck the life out of you once you stepped outside.  With my low tolerance for cold temperatures, it was just about as close to a perfect night as they come. 

Laurie and Audie were the only other riders in the group lesson.  Laurie rode a rambunctious Gio, and Audie rode Harley, so she could work on her form.

When I climbed aboard,  I worked Sammy in the center of the arena, turning and bending him to loosen his muscles, and prep him for work.  M suggested that I just work the short rail to start, so we trotted, walked, and cantered back and forth, mixing things up as we went.  I had him stand for a few minutes, and worked on trying execute the perfect turn.

Then M had us trot the entire ring.  I started slowly, at a nice park walk.  Sammy has the most animated walk of any horse in the barn.  There should be a class just for park walking.  Skip the lofty, you're about to shoot out of the saddle trotting and the bolting, out of control cantering.  I was having a blast just sitting his spirited, peppy walk, and had to be urged to move to a posting trot.

Sammy and I did not got along last night.  Maybe this was due to the sudden burst of warmth.  I believe it was due to the fact that he was being an extreme turd, which is a nice way of saying that he was a complete jacka$$.  Sammy, why, oh, why do you persist in dropping your head at the canter and charging across the arena like a bull in a china shop?  He's not as smart as I thought, either, as he proved that horses really are stupid enough to run into a wall.  Not hard, mind you, but his nose did kind of bounce off the wood.  He did stop, though, and we decided to not try to canter again.  It kind of baffled me, because he was fine at first.  On the long rail, however, he was like a rocket launching out of a silo.

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  1. youve never seen him hit a wall? if you tell him to he will canter full throttle into a wall and wham his head into it. its kinda funny. Sorry he was a turd monday i had a really nice canter, maby it was a turdish day. haha i love his park walk too, and his trot is fun 🙂 not so much the canter though.
  2. mmhh yeah i like the 4 wheeled buggy but im not gonna show him in it. Driving was actually fun tho cauz i can see. but yeah.

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