Not Much Fun – A Night at AEC

I am a sleepy dog!

Well, we kicked off the holiday weekend in dramatic fashion, which seems to be becoming a habit around here. After a lovely day of running around town, stocking up on flashlights and water softener salt, we had a very tasty lunch at Steve and Rocky's.  Then I met Jen and Mike at the mall for a little shopping.  The three of us finished off our evening gorging on sushi and tempura at Happy Sushi.   Then things took a turn for crap.

Back home, I was settling in for some blogging when I happened to notice that Buu had developed a growth the size of a golf ball on his front leg.  This instantly set me into a panic, as it ballooned up during the day.  He has a permanent scab on that leg from nervous licking when we aren't home, a habit he's had since we adopted him.  Guessing that an infection flared up, I started looking for the number for the emergency vet.  I was afraid to leave it be until the morning because it was so big.  Helpful hint for pet owners; make sure you have the emergency clinic's phone number hanging on the fridge along with the number to your regular vet.

Getting Buu and Dean loaded up into the car, we arrived at the clinic a little after nine.  We didn't get back home until 12:45!  I am so tired.

Because Buu is dog aggressive, they took us to a room right away.  Something must be up with the local area pets, because the clinic was very busy.  We first saw the vet at about 10:30, and he scared the complete crap out of me.  After aspirating  the area, he wanted to take x-rays to make sure that the growth wasn't invading his bones.  Then he mentioned the "c" word, which completely threw me into a tizzy.  It was a very tense forty-five minutes until he came back with his diagnosis.  It was indeed an abscess, (whew!) and he wanted to drain it and then send us home.

His wrapped leg, dirty from collapsing in the driveway.

They had to sedate Buu to do the procedure, and the vet tech came and told us later that there was a lot of foul smelling fluid in his leg.  After they drained it, they cleaned it out, wrapped it up, and sent us home with a bag of medications.  This is when the real fun began.

It was raining softly when we left, and getting Buu into the car was an amusing sight. He was still groggy from the sedatives, and he just couldn't summon the energy to hop into my Jeep Liberty.  Good thing we didn't take the Explorer.  We finally got him in, just before Dean was going to resort to picking him up, and off we went. 

At home, things became very stressful.  Buu was too groggy to get out of the car!  Then, after we finally got him out without hurting him, he just slumped over onto the wet pavement and wouldn't move!  Try getting a 116 lb Rottie to stand up!  He was like a limb noodle, and I was getting progressively panicky about getting him into the house.   Dean could have picked him up, if we could have gotten the dog to stand up for a second,  but he refused to move.  I think at this point I was just about in tears, because the dog was getting wet in the rain, and I was so tired. 

Dean finally had a brilliant idea.  He went into the garage and grabbed a tarp.  We carefully maneuvered the beast onto the plastic, and then we dragged him into the garage.  There's a step into the garage, and of course he still wouldn't get up!  With me pulling and Dean lifting the back of the tarp, we got him over to the steps into the house.  Once the door was open, Buu got up and climbed the steps on his own power.  Then he walked over to his blanket and collapsed.  He hasn't done anything other that lift his head briefly since then.  It took about half an hour to get him into the house!  I think the clinic should have kept him a couple of hours before sending him home!  If Dean hadn't been there, I never would have been able to get him into the house!

Since we didn't want to even try to get him upstairs, Dean made a little nest of comforters and the two of them crashed downstairs.  This morning, Buu's a tiny bit more alert.  He's sitting up, at any rate.  I'm worried that he's a little dehydrated, because he drooled a lake at the clinic, but he doesn't seem interested in water.  Or greenies, his favorite thing in the universe next to his ring toy. 

Here's some info on his condition, which is called a lick granuloma abscess

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