Sunday at the Barn – Driving Edition

Sunday, I headed over to the barn after a restful night.  Working on only a few hours sleep, I was rather happy to hear I would be jogging Blondie instead of riding her.  It takes a lot less effort to drive than to ride.

D warmed her up, and then I hopped in the jog cart.  I thought I was doing well the first way of the ring.  I cut the corners a little too much, but we stayed off the wall and I started to feel like I was getting the hang of it.

Then we turned the other way and everything just fell to crap.  I couldn't steer, and we kept scraping the wall.  It was like my arms were too tired to control the horse!  Argh!  It was a lot different using the show reins - they have hand holds, which made a big difference.  After I got her stuck in a corner, D took back over, because he felt that she was taking advantage of my driver's ed session.  Lecturing her to behave like an amateur show horse, he fixed what I broke and tuned her back up. 

Next, we had a group lesson with Robert, Abby, Kim, and me.  I rode Woody, my nemesis.  He can be such a jerk sometimes.  Ever since we jumped the mounting block, I haven't felt comfortable riding him.  Maybe it's because D insists on using draw reins with him.  I asked if I could please not use them.  I was told to get a german martingale instead.

At the beginning of a lesson with Woody, I can never get him to trot.  He always wants to slow gait. To be honest, I would prefer to slow gait!  No posting, just sit back and glide around the arena.  When repeated failed efforts to get him trotting, D just told me to let him slow gait and get it out of his system.  Sure enough, after a couple of times around, he started trotting for me.

I picked up the correct canter lead both ways, and had a nice ride.  He started to veer into to the middle of the ring towards the end, and I just couldn't figure out what I was doing that prompted him to do it. 

The sun came out during the lesson, though it didn't last long.  The weekend was cold and rainy, except for Monday.  Oh, and today, the first day back at work.  Figures.

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