Lesson 10.2

The group lesson on Wednesday was rather small, with just Tina, Maggie and myself. Tina rode Lily, Maggie rode a rather feisty Gio, and I rode Sammy.  I admit that I wasn't especially thrilled to be back on him again after last week's less than successful lesson.

It has been unseasonably hot, and last night was no exception.  It was almost 90 degrees!  In May!  I do like the warm weather much better than the cold that ruins about 6 months of the year, but I have fears that my air conditioner isn't going to make it through a really hot summer.  We have a Freon leak, and I haven't be able to have them come out to recharge it yet this year, and Dean as turned it on more than usual.

Laurie helped me get Sammy ready, and then she lead him to the arena.  When I got on, she told me to take control immediately, and not let him walk all over me.  Jen had ridden him in the morning, and after the lesson, I think that's just what he needs.  He behaved like a perfect gentleman, and it was a blast to ride him. 

We started at the trot. Sammy crammed his head back and from where I was sitting, he looked really cute.  I wish I could get Blondie to bridle like that.  Sammy didn't pull like he usually does, though it does take a lot of muscle to keep him at an acceptable pace.

I wasn't really looking forward to cantering, and the first attempt yielded a counter canter.  It felt so rough I thought I was going to be shaken off!  I set him up and tried again, and he picked up the correct lead.  He didn't try to run off, but with his fast canter, it was a lot of work to keep him slow.  I was sweating more than he was when we were told to walk.

Then the real fun began (not really), as we worked on a pattern that Laurie thoughtfully provided from the horse show last weekend.  It was trot right along the rail, stop 3/4 of the way, canter a circle on the left lead, stop, reverse, trot back to the line up.  Yeah, right.  Sammy doesn't like patterns any more than I do.  We got the trot down, but the canter on a circle was a joke. 

When Maggie and Gio tried it, Gio started bucking at the canter.  Whoa!  I'd have fallen off, but Maggie stuck with him.  Her horse bucks with her, so she said she's used to it. I wouldn't want to get used to that!

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  1. Kim says:
    Ill have u know Sammy is amazing at patterns if u tell him to do it and dont ask him to do it.

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