Lesson 10.7 – Bonus Group Lesson!


Ah, tonight was a bonus! There were three of us, so it was an official group lesson! An extra half hour of saddle time! Yay!! I rode Zeb, and Hannah and Anna rode Jimmy and Wildchild.

Zeb was really good for about the first thirty minutes of the lesson - then he started dipping his head. To make sure he really had my attention, he then started the strangest head tossing; he'd bob his head rapidly, which looked like he was having a neck spasm. I really like Zeb, but he has a few issues. He was tossing his head around so much that M finally clipped the overcheck to the saddle.

I really concentrated on squeezing with my knees, and keeping my thighs tight against the saddle. I tried hard to not post off my stirrups, and thought I was making some progress there. Then Wednesday night rolled around, and I definitely took a step backward. *sigh*

The vet was there when I arrived, and that's never a good sign. One of the horses in the other barn colicked and by the time the vet got there, its intestines had ruptured. Sadly, it had to be put down. D showed up during the lesson and asked me if I wanted to hold the horse while he pulled its shoes off. Yuck! Why do they have to take its shoes off?!

M said that a 5 gaited horse dropped dead at the horse show over the weekend, too! argh! I would have been devastated! She said it was awful! 

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