Lesson 10.8

For the Wednesday night group lesson, I rode Sammy.  He's a little more subdued now that he's on pasture board, and my arms were given a pleasant respite from having to constantly try to contain his boundless energy.  It was another fun ride on him.

There was a large group in attendance.  Laurie rode Gio, Audie rode Jimmy, Maggie had Zeb, Tina was gifted with Wildchild, and Amber, new to the group lessons, rode Harley. 

At the beginning of the lesson, Wildchild, probably in revenge for me speaking ill of her prior to the lesson, kicked dirt in my eye.  I had to take a little time out and try to wipe it out.  It was really annoying, and when I got home, there was black crud in the corner of my eyes.  I don't even want to think about what it might have contained!

Sammy felt a little off at the canter, but M said he looked great.  He was slow and collected, and he picked up the correct lead both ways.  It was really hot out, and we both worked up a sweat! 

M talked to me about Jen riding Blondie at an upcoming show, and me driving her.  She rode her that morning, and I guess both D and M thought that she had her looking great.  At first I was a little resistant to the idea, but if Jen can get Blondie over some of her show jitters, we'll just have that much more success next summer.  Jen can't make it to the show next weekend because of family commitments, but I think D might take them to Twin Rivers the weekend I'm at AX.  I admit that I am getting frustrated again because the only day I seem to  ride Blondie is Sunday, and I sometimes wonder how I'll ever learn to ride her if I never get to do it!

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