Lesson 10.9

Friday night, I rode Blondie.  I remembered to put on spurs this time, and I thought it helped at first.  She started getting long and dropping her head near the end of the lesson, and I just couldn't get her bridled again.

We worked on cranking her head back, and keeping her in her bridle. M told me to pretend the reins are sponges, and that I need to squeeze the water out of them.  I should never just pull on both reins, I need to massage them, and to give and release. Blondie's head started coming up for me, without our usual tug of war.

We only worked at a trot.  Towards the end of the lesson she stared pulling and shaking her head. M suggested that we call it a night, before we really started getting into a fight over her headset.  She also suggested that I try wearing longer spurs, because my leg is hardly touching her sides.

I'm going to just drive Blondie at the show next week.  The arena is kind of scary, and she's never been there before.  She wears blinkers when she drives, and they think that she'll be ok for me like that.  D wants me to have a practice ride Saturday night, and if she doesn't have any issues, we'll try to ride her on Sunday.

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