Sunday at the Barn – Watch out for those cones!

I had a driving lesson today, which is no surprise considering the horse show is next weekend.  As it was hot and humid at 9:30 AM, I can't say that I was upset to not be riding.  I think yesterday's dinner at Bravo wasn't sitting too well in my stomach, and I wasn't feeling up to sweating like a pig, anyway.

D hopped in the jog cart first.  I think he wanted to warm her up because they weren't around yesterday to work the horses.  Blondie acted up a bit at first, but soon she was trotting obediently around the arena.  By the time D handed the reins over to me, she was already sweating.  I don't think she likes the warm weather very much.

I am feeling a lot more comfortable in the jog cart, and I like driving.  I no longer worry about falling off of the seat, and I was even able to put both of my feet onto the foot bars without feeling like I needed a phone book to sit on.  If I didn't feel like such a failure about riding Blondie, I wouldn't even have a second thought about not riding her next weekend.  It will probably be hot and humid again, and I'll be spared having to dress in a layered suit jacket and tie.  Instead, I'll be relatively comfortable in my short sleeved dress.

I was having issues getting her head up, so M hopped onto the cart next to me and tried to demonstrate how to manipulate the reins to get Blondie bridled.  She said that just lifting my arm will cause the horse to hold her head differently; I don't always have to pull on the bit.  Both M and D say that the hardest thing to learn is how to use the reins effectively and get the horse to properly set its head.

At the end of the lesson, M tossed some cones along the wall and in our path, and told me that they were other horses.  Then she had me trot down the quarter line and then find my spot along the rail again.  I wish the other horses were really that small and easy to maneuver around! 

I am feeling pretty comfortable about next weekend, though.  As long as the classes aren't crazy big, I think I'll be all right.  I've never driven in traffic, so that's the only concern that I have right now.  When Blondie's in the jog cart, she usually does her job without too much of a fuss.

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