Medallions – First day of the show and bad news from the Barn

Jen & Woody in Delaware 2006

The Medallions horse shows started yesterday, and I arrived at the Ingham County Fairgrounds without incident.  I even had time to locate the bookstore at the local mall, where I finally scored a copy of the July Shojo Beat.  I have been having a terrible time getting my hands the this issue of the mag.

Yesterday was for academy classes, and I ran around taking pictures and getting a bit of a sun burn.  I was getting a little nervous about driving Blondie this morning, but I tried not to think about it.  I ran into Roxanne, and it's always nice to see family at the show!  I wish more of you would come and check it out!

When I arrived, M & D were nowhere to be seen.  M finally appeared, and told me she was having a horrible day.  I asked what was going on, and she gave me some really bad news.  They were going to put Woody down later in the day because he was in so much pain and wasn't responding to the antibiotics that they have been flooding his body with.  He hasn't eaten in a week, and has lost 150 lbs.  This really makes me sad.  He was so  fun to rack, and I really learned a lot from him.  The treatment for his arthritis did not go well, and he developed an infection in his hind legs.  The vet thought he might be foundering in all four feet, and he wouldn't get up yesterday morning, and it was decided that it would be the most humane thing to put him down.  This is the hardest part of owning an animal, and my thoughts go out to Jen.

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