Medallions – Driving for Fun but not much profit

Academy rider trotting into class

Laurie and Rachel crashed in my room last night, and they didn't get there until after midnight.  I woke up, thinking that they weren't coming, and was going to throw the deadbolt.  That's when I saw the glare of a cell phone.  It was Rachel, who didn't want to stay in the trailer with M & D because they were really bummed out about Woody.  She was so funny, because I think she thought I would be upset that she came with Laurie.  I laughed at her and told her to turn a light on so she could get her stuff out of her bag.  Laurie was in the shower, and I didn't even hear them enter the room! 

They left like ghosts at 5:30 the next morning, and even though Laurie's cell phone woke me up, I soon drifted back to sleep.  When my alarm went off at 6:00, I was surprised to see that they had left.  I didn't hear them exiting the room, either.

My first driving class was the eighth one in, so I got dressed at the hotel and went over in my dress.  And my riding boots, my hose safe from runs with a pair of white socks.  I looked so classy!

Our first class had two entries.  I wasn't aware that there was a pace change at the trot until I was on the track warming her up.  D told me to slow down for the first trot, and then ask for more when they called for the extended trot.  I couldn't get her to walk to save my life! 

Once we trotted into the ring, I had trouble keeping her head straight.  We totally blew the walk both directions, but D said that she was bridled better the second way.  The winning horse wins all the time, so I didn't think I had much of a chance my first time out driving.  Next year will be another story!

As we trotted past the in gate, D yelled at me to keep my knees together!  Damn these stupid dresses!  I might have been earning points had the judge been a male, but of course she was a woman.  Now he keeps teasing me about flashing.  It's not that kind of horse show!  Ya, whatever.  You don't have to wear a retarded dress to sit at the pooping end of a horse!

After waiting around for my second class, I started getting a teeny bit nervous.  There were three horses in the next class.  After we trotted in, I wasn't nervous anymore, because I was concentrating so hard on keeping Blondie bridled and her head straight.  we did a lot better, but we were third out of three.  I need to lean back on the reins and keep better contact on the bit to get her head set better.  I can hardly wait to try again tomorrow!  D even said that he would have placed me 2nd, but he's a little biased.

D mentioned that he's going back to the farm tonight and picking up another horse so I can drive it in the Fine Harness class tomorrow.  Because the buggy is higher off the ground, he also told me to wear pants.  He asked if I had my driving suit, which I do, and I can wear that tomorrow to drive both horses.  Ha!!!  M won't like it, but I sure do!

I'm really happy with my first outing driving.  It's really fun, and I don't have to worry about canter leads!!  Oh, and they just announced over the p.a. that Blondie and I won a free oil change!!  I don't know why; I missed that part.  I'll have to go to the office to find out why.

Oil Change Update - It was a random drawing, and I gave the coupon to Suzie.  It was for a place in Okemos!  Like I'm there all the time...

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