Medallions Day 2 – Keeping the Pressure Steady


Me and Blondie heading into class

Laurie and Rachel crashed in my room again, and once again they were like little ghosts.  Or maybe trolls.  I woke up around midnight and noticed their bags piled by the door, but they weren't in the room.  I wondered where they could be - I don't believe Laurie is old enough to visit a bar, and Rachel certainly isn't, but I rolled over and fell back asleep.  At about 1am, they strolled in the room.  They had been by the pool, chilling.  That's when I asked them how they function on 4 hours of sleep.  I was having trouble with with only six.  Oh, to be young again.

They left a little before 6, and I got up and started getting ready.  After a trip to the disappointing breakfast buffet, I changed into my suit and headed for the fairgrounds.  When I arrived, D let me know how lame he is.  He couldn't catch Sammy, so I would be unable to participate in my first Fine Harness class.  I can't believe the horse is smarter than he is!  He tried to make it sound like the other pasture horses suddenly came to value Sammy's presence in the field and thwarted his efforts to capture him.  How disappointing - the pasture posse beat the farrier.

The Medallions is really two different horse shows run consecutively, with different judges, but following the same schedule.  Yes, I thought this a little strange, too.  Everything was the same except for the judge.

We were in the eighth class again, and it was just two entries again.  In fact, it was the same horse from yesterday.  We trotted into class, apparently way too fast, and I struggled to get Blondie to stay by the rail.  Her head was all over, and I didn't know what to do to fix her.  We were second, and on the way back to the barn, I asked D how to keep her head straight.  He said to keep steady pressure on the outside rein, and jerk, jerk, jerk the inside rein.

M was only able to watch the beginning of the class, and she told me that I have to hold Blondie steady, and then bump the inside rein.  She stood behind me and demonstrated what I should do.  I thought I understood a little better, but wouldn't really know until I tried driving her again.

The long wait until class 29 was agonizing.  The lunch break was between 26 & 27, and even though it was only 30 minutes long, it made the time stretch on that much longer.  Then it was time to hop in the buggy and try again.

The same horses were in the class, and D told me to drive straight down the ring when we first entered before turning Blondie toward the rail, and to keep her slower.  We were racing around much to fast for the trot.  Into the ring we trotted, and I concentrated on keeping pressure on the outside rein, and bumping the inside rein as M had shown me.  It works!  Her head straightened out! 

When the extended trot was called, though we did have a noticeable change in pace, Blondie wasn't going fast enough.  I thought I drove her a 100 percent better than previously, but alas, we were still losers!!!  D was happy with the performance; it's the first show that Blondie and I ever drove in.  Dean gave me grief about being last in every class, but there's only one way for us to go now, and that's UP!

I changed from my sweat soaked suit into more comfortable clothes, and wondered why I wore the suit on the hottest day of the weekend.  It got very uncomfortable waiting to go into the class with the sun beating down. 

After packing up my things, I went with Laurie to snap some pictures for her next article in SHR.  If she doesn't sell any ads, they will only print a small bit about the show, so I hope she sells a ton.  It's fun seeing my pics in a magazine!  Even if I don't get paid for them.

Kim and Lee came to watch the show, and Kim, though her usual bratty self, very nicely took some shots of Blondie and me.  We didn't get to talk much, but she has a new horse!  Kim, when is Star moving into the barn?  I can hardly wait to see your new horse!  If you read this before I see you, add a comment about your new pony.

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4 Responses to Medallions Day 2 – Keeping the Pressure Steady

  1. Kim says:
    So you wanna know whats funny? Today I went out to capture Sammy because he was supposedly uncatchable and I called out Sammy and he trotted right over to me and put his head over my shoulder waiting for me to halter him. I found it funny. P.S. I am not bratty P.S.S His name IS NOT STAR P.S.S.S He is moving in a week and a half. P.S.S.S.S I dont know what you know about him so i cant leave a comment about him.
  2. Julie says:
    I don’t know anything about him. What’s his name? Color? Age? Someone told me it was a mare, so even that info was wrong! Got pics?
  3. Kim says:
    Name is Stardusts Starworthy they call him star but dad refuses to have a horse named star so were gonna change that. He is 5 but legally 6 (1st of the year makes him 6) I thought he was a darker chesnut but melinda saied he was redder but I still think he’s a darker chesnut. I’ll email you a movie and a picture of him later.
  4. Julie says:
    It’s a Saddlebred? I’m looking forward to seeing him. 🙂

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