Lesson 1 – Reset!

Harley was the lesson horse last night. Having not worked in a week, he was incredibly stiff and uncomfortable to ride. I was feeling a little sorry for him, but M told me to get after him because he was just putzing along. He did start to annoy me with his constant pulling in the bit.

We worked mainly on getting Harley moved up into his bridle, both at the trot and the canter. Because he was hanging on the bit, she had me trot shallow serpentines, and then practice jaw flexions. She said that I know how to sit on a horse, and now I need to learn how to get them to wear their bridle.

It was nice to be riding again after the week long break. The weather has really improved from the last lesson, too. From 95 to the mid 80s. It was so much more comfortable!

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