Lesson Catch Up Post


I have been so busy!! Sorry to the three people who actually read my blog! I am seriously late with last week’s lesson posts, so I’ll just batch them all up, and move along.

Lesson 2

The group lesson was pretty uneventful. Laurie, Audie, and Tina joined me in the arena. I rode Harley, and he wasn’t as stiff as he was on Monday. I felt so bad for him on Monday! He still has a hitch in his get along, but it wasn’t as pronounced.

After the usual trotting and cantering around, be worked on traffic exercises. Yes, yes, these are little exercises designed to help you maneuver in and out of traffic in the show ring. We started by trotting along the rail, and everyone trotting a circle at the same time. Then we moved on to slightly harder exercises; trotting figure eights using the entire arena. The trick here is to not run into another horse! I’m happy to report that despite the chaotic atmosphere, there were no collisions.

Lesson 3

The Friday lesson was on Blondie, with Tina riding Tuck. Blondie started with her head down, and fought the entire time about bringing it up. M told me give and take on the bridle, but every time I gave, she took advantage and dropped her head. I was getting really frustrated with her, because she didn’t behave like this before the break in lessons during the Morgan show.

She cantered very nicely for me, and even picked up the correct lead both times. Aside from bridling issues, she was even better behaved than Tuck, who was having fits because he was expected to canter. Even though he looks like a mule, he’s pretty cute.

While we were walking out, Blondie started with her annoying head shaking, so I thought it prudent to end the lesson before we got into a fight over it.

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  1. Mara says:
    Who are the other two people?
  2. Julie says:
    My mom and my dad! I have horse shows the next two weeks, but let’s all try to get together for dinner after that.

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