Lesson 4

On Monday, I rode Jimmy.   M was running a little behind, so my private lesson turned into a group lessen with Brooke and Amber.  Brooke rode Doc and Amber rode Harley.

It was a good lesson, and I had a nice ride.  Plus, it was an extra half hour because it was a group lesson.  Jimmy walked slowly for Jimmy, and I didn't pester him overly much about getting his head up, because it's just too frustrating on him.  M told me that I have to bump his head up, and then give him some leg to get him to lift his head, but I have to keep my posting the same so he doesn't speed up.  The next time I ride him I will utilize the methods she demonstrated.

Jimmy even cantered nicely. I remember when I used to be afraid to canter on him, because he always seemed to go so fast. I must be used to him now, because he didn't seem any faster than any other horse. He was certainly slower than Blondie.  He did try to pick up the incorrect lead the second way, but I shifted my weight and he swapped to the correct one. 

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