Lesson 5

The group lesson on Wednesday was rather large, with Abby, Audie, Laurie, Amber, and myself. I rode Jimmy again, and after watching me struggle to get his head up,  M had Laurie adjust the German martingale to the first hole.  On the second hole, it was preventing him from raising his head.  After she adjusted it, he brought his head right up.  The con to the picture was I had less control over him, and had a terrible time getting him to stop.

After trotting and a terrible canter, where he picked up the incorrect lead, and then I couldn't get him to stop trotting, we played follow the leader.  I had to re-adjust the reins back to the second set of rings, because Jimmy would not stop.  We almost ran over Harley and Amber! 

After the lesson, I asked M about the show on Friday.  Both she and D were confused, because they thought I wasn't going to the Swartz Creek show! I don't know how that happened, because I signed the entry form and told them I wanted to go to that show for sure, because it isn't very expensive.  It was the Ludington show that I wasn't sure about.  M said not to worry, she would call and order another stall.  The show is expected to be light in the number of entries and it won't be a problem.  It's a good thing I asked about it, or I'd have gone up and not had a horse to show! In the future, I guess I will have to be doubly certain that they understand which shows I'm going to attend, and which ones I'm not!

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