Day 1 – Crystal Horse Show

Today was the start of the Crystal Horse Show.  I packed up my gear, loaded up my car, and headed off to the show, with a brief stop to check into the spankin' new Quality Inn in Durand.  I am very impressed with my stay so far.  The girl at the front desk was pleasant and extremely helpful.  Plus, the hotel is about as far from the fairgrounds as the Comstock Inn, and it's less expensive.  Think I'll be staying here for the shows for now on.

I was in the first class.  When I arrived, M said she had to go and enter me in the show, since we had our miscommunication issue.  While she was doing that, I was tracking down Mom and Dad, who had driven out to watch my class.  I also looked for Roxanne, since I was going to be helping her show one of her horses in hand on Saturday.  My parents also were finally able to meet her, after about 20 years of me hanging out with her anti social brother.  Go figure.

M called my cell phone and asked if I had brought my suit.  They decided to put me in a riding class. I haven't ridden Blondie in a while, as I have been driving her instead, and I admit that I was a little chicken about getting her around the ring.  I still said that I would ride her.

We were a little tight for time getting ready for my class.  I hate that!  D and Robert had Blondie hooked about 2 minutes before the class started.  We had plenty of time, but I still freak out about this every time.  I hopped in the buggy and trotted her back and forth about three times, and D said her head looked great, just do that in the ring.  Make sure that I have three distinct gaits - trot, road trot, and walk - and keep her head straight.  OK!

The class went very well.  I kept Blondie in her bridle, and she went straight along the rails.  She had a definite gear change at the trot.  The only thing that she didn't do was flat walk.  We were up against the bane of our existence, the lovely black horse that beats us every time out.  One of these days we're going to beat it!

Before the class, D mentioned that if I didn't feel comfortable with the idea of getting Blondie around the ring riding her, I could ask Jen if she would ride her.  Lo and behold, Jen happened to walk by just then!  I asked her if she wanted to ride her for me.  She said she'd love to.  Yeah!  Now I wouldn't have to sweat like a pig in the stifling humidity.  It was so humid!  By the time I came out of the driving class, I was drenched with sweat, and that was with a short sleeve shirt!  I didn't even want to think about how it would feel wearing a lined riding jacket!

After changing back into shorts, I grabbed my camera to get some shots of Kim on her new horse.  This did not turn out to be a good debut for them, as she ended up in the dirt during the warm up.  She wasn't hurt, other than a bruised butt.  While I was at dinner, I guess one of the trainers was kicked in the head and was rushed off to the hospital in an ambulance.  I think the humidity does things to the horses' tiny brains.

Jen hopped on Blondie in time for class 18.  They had a great warm up, but Blondie got a little excited when asked to canter.  She leap into it, instead of stepping gracefully into in.  Right in front of the judge. Both ways.  Argh!  She didn't even place.  Crud!  Jen did get her around the ring, and after the class, she said that she did not want to go by the cursed bleachers, that she has to use a lot of leg to get her by.

PS - I don't have to help Roxanne in the morning, which means that I can sleep in!!!  Yeah!!!

PSS - It's a good thing I didn't have to get up early, because I have a freakin' migraine this morning!

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