Crystal Horse Show – Day 2

Saturday did not get off to a good start.  I woke up with a migraine!  I haven't had one in years, and as I writhed around in agony, I didn't think I would even be able to go to the horse show!  That would have really sucked, as I felt too awful to even think about driving home.  I wasn't really panicked because Leslie had volunteered to help Roxanne with her horse the night before, and when I asked M about entering Blondie in the in-hand class, she said she hadn't done the entry.  I told her she didn't have to bother, as I thought Blondie had worked really hard the night before, and she had two classes later in the evening.

Trying to ignore the stabbing pain in my head, I pulled on my shorts and went to scope out the free breakfast arrangements at the Quality Inn.  I wanted to take some pain relievers, but didn't want to do it on an empty stomach.  The complementary breakfast was the most pathetic I have seen, and was the only major disappointment with my stay.  I toasted an english muffin and shuffled back to my room.

After managing to choke down the muffin, I took some pain meds.  Then I went back to bed for an hour, and when I started getting upset to my stomach, I forced myself to get up, take a shower, and get moving.  I really needed some more food so I could take some stronger medication, and the scrambled egg roll up at the fairgrounds was calling my name.

At the fairgrounds, I ran into Abby and Laurie, who informed me that my horse had won the blue ribbon in the halter class (out of 3 entries).  Figures that she finally won something this year and I wasn't there.  I felt too crappy to care at that moment.  Abby rooted around in the medicine cabinet of their camper when she heard I wasn't feeling well and produced some Motrin.  Much better than the feeble junk I had taken earlier.  I went into the barn to drop my stuff off, had to explain my incapacity to everyone, and then went down to get some food, taking the new Previews with me so I'd have something to look at while I ate.

The food and the Motrin had me feeling better, and the Aleve I took about an hour later had me almost back to normal.  If anybody cares, that was about 3000 mg of pain relievers; by the time 5pm rolled around, and I had to start getting ready, I felt much, much better.

After breakfast, I went back to the barn, and Laurie asked if I wanted to go to Bob Evans.  I decided to go, figuring that I could at least get something to drink while they ate. I ended up getting raspberry crepes and fried corn meal mush.  After all of that, my stomach actually settled down.  Audie is always amusing to go to a restaurant with; she has no patience for social graces and blurts out the funniest stuff.  This trip to Bob Evans she left all of her teeth in her head, and so we didn't have any blood to make fun of.

The lead line class was during the afternoon session, and we had to race back for that due to the late arrival of our food.  We just made it back in time!  The boys didn't place very  high, but all seven of the little lead line riders looked so cute! I wish I could have started riding at that age!

Like the night before, the afternoon session raced by.  The judge didn't even let the riders canter an entire way around the arena before calling for the walk!  It was the weirdest show I'd ever been to - I think people got around the ring 3 times, each direction, max!  The classes lasted about 5 minutes each.  The afternoon session was over by 2:30!  It usually lasts until after 4.  No wonder she missed all of those horses blowing off their feet...

D asked if I wanted to drive Sammy in the Fine Harness class. I was little nervous about driving the four wheel buggy, but when they told me that I would probably be the only one in the class, I was quite excited to give it a try.  There wouldn't be anybody else in the ring to run over or collide with.  Yeah!  Who cares that I had only driven Sammy once before.

Jen was going to be riding Blondie again, and then I would be driving her.  The Show Pleasure Driving class was almost the last one, which was a bit of a bummer.  I hate waiting for the classes, because then I can't really relax, enjoy the show, and run around taking pictures.  Ludington should be good for that, though, because most of my classes are over by Saturday afternoon.  I need to stock up on pics for my lesson posts!

To kill some time before the evening session, I talked to Roxanne for a while, and then went and got some walking tacos with Kim.  Those are the tastiest treats!  I like showing at the Shiawassee fairgrounds just so I can get a walking taco!

Before I knew it, it was time for the evening session to begin.  The Fine Harness class was supposed to be the first, but because they had to split the Show Pleasure Championship into two classes, the Jr Exhibitors went first. 

D had me trot up and down the road in front of the arena.  I had Sammy too tight on the reins, because he won't go forward.  I was holding them on the same hole that I drive Blondie, but it must be too tight for Sammy.  I dropped back a hole and off he went. 

Then it was into the class!  It is really fun driving the four wheel buggy, and Sammy, too, but I need to practice turning!  As I was the only entry, I won a blue ribbon!  Yeah!  Then I finally was able to take a victory pass!  My first ever! 

Back at the barn, while I was telling Laurie about the class, Dean's sister Paula, and her husband, Bob, stopped by with Dave.  I haven't seen them in years! It was really nice to see them again!  Then they made fun of me because I didn't notice them on the rail during the class.  When I'm in the ring, I really don't notice anyone other than M and D.

Jen rode Blondie a few classes later, and was having an awesome ride; until Roxanne's horse threw a shoe!  Jen came to stand by D and me during the time out, and Blondie started her annoying whinnying.  Loudly.  D put his hand over her nose to make her stop.

After the shoe was replaced and the class got going again, Jen made sure that she had plenty of room before asking Blondie to canter.  She stepped off into a nice, easy canter.  For the second way, however, she bounced a few times before picking it up.  She didn't place again, while a horse that racked the entire time placed 5th.   The judge must have thought it was a 5-gaited class....

Jen rode Sammy 2 classes later, and she was the reserve champion in a class of 6.  Sammy looked really cute!

During my last class, Blondie was pretty tired, and she was a little sluggish.  This had one pro; she flat walked beautifully.  So well, in fact, and she behaved so nicely, that D thought I had won the class.  Our bane of existence wouldn't walk, and was hopping in the shafts.  I didn't see any of that, and after the class, D actually went to complain about the judge.  Many of the trainers weren't happy with her "unique" view of the classes, and the riders weren't happy with their abbreviated classes.    Maybe she wanted to get back to the hotel to watch something on tv....

I'll have some pics to post later.

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  1. Don’t you hate those judges that don’t even let you get around the ring before they’re moving on to something else. They’re in such a hurry they don’t even let the people ride!
  2. Julie says:
    Yes, that was very frustrating. The judges at the next show were much better, and even let classes with only one entry complete an entire lap around the ring at each gait (except the walk).

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