A Couple of Pictures from the Show

I didn't get a chance to shoot very many pictures, and the ones of me were taken by Kim.  Most of the pictures are on my laptop, and I won't have time to copy them over until after the Ludington Show.  Here are few pics from the weekend, though,


Sammy and me stylin' before class

Jen getting ready with Blondie

This is the trainer that was injured on Friday.  She was over talking to M & D while D shoed one of her horses Saturday afternoon.  She was actually stepped on, several times, and not kicked  she thinks.  The horse spooked and took off toward a pick up truck that had the tailgate down, and was some place she did not want to be.  The saddle slipped when she tried to turn the horse, and she fell off in front of him.   She has a monster bruise on her arm, and there's a hoof print on her face.  She walked away without even getting a concussion!!!  Notice the ice bag clutched to her face.

This is Roxanne's horse, riding into the championship.  They were 3rd, if I remember correctly.

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  1. Rhonda Gowa says:
    I found your website while searching for another. “Roxanne’s Horse” caught my attention. I wonder if this horse might have Ch Albelarm Supremacy or Supreme Sultan lines.

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