Lesson 6

I rode Blondie in last night’s lesson. It was hot and humid, again. Kim and her new horse rode with us.

We started at the trot, and I really started wishing that I had remembered to put on my spurs. Blondie does not like the heat, and she was sluggish and not responding to my cues. M told me to gather up my reins in one hand, reach behind and give her a swat with the whip. I did as instructed, the horse scooted up, and then she was getting long and low in the bridle. I worked on trying to get her collected, keeping her energy, but getting her to step up. I just don’t understand how to get her collected without having her quit on me.

She picked up the correct canter lead the first time I asked, the first way of the ring. The second way, I didn’t get her set up properly, and she decided to poop right before I asked, so she ended up trotting halfway around the arena.

When the lesson started, Blondie picked her head up, and she felt really cute. As the lesson continued, she started getting tired and sweaty and started with the head shaking thing. Since I was hot and sweaty, too, I decided to save myself the aggravation of fighting over her head tossing and took her back to her stall for a sponge bath. Then we went outside and she ate some refreshing grass. She is rather picky about her choice of lawn, and after she ate down to the dirt, she made the funniest noise and smashed her nose into the ground, leaving little round indentations in her wake. It was bizarre. She also seems to enjoy eating leaves, favoring the ones still attached to twigs. Maybe she’s getting bored of her usual hay and grain.

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2 Responses to Lesson 6

  1. Jenny-poo says:
    how do you know the horse felt cute?
  2. Julie says:
    You can just tell by how they trot and hold their heads and how the reins feel. I can’t really describe it, but when it’s right, you know.

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