Lesson 12

Friday, M asked what I wanted to do for my lesson.  I told her that I wanted to ride my horse!  She told me to get her ready and bring her out when I was finished. She then took Brooke and Harley to the arena to start their lesson.

After getting Blondie tacked up, we headed for the ring.  M had me trot a rail, walk a rail, trot a rail.  When her head was up and she was paying attention to me, she had us go all the way around.  She told me to work Blondie in short bursts, and to not try to do anything for too long.  When she does something correctly, I need to praise her and move on to something else, or end the ride then, on a good note.  She said that now that her shoes are off, I need to take the time to work on me, too.

When I asked her to canter, she wouldn't just step off into a nice canter.  She ran into, or racked into it.  When I tried to get her to rack in Ludington, she would only trot. Now that her shoes are off, that's what she wants to do half of the time.  Argh!

I did learn a lot just by walking her around the arena.  Put pressure on my legs, and her head goes up.  She wasn't pulling on the bit as much, but I wasn't either.  I am trying to have lighter hands and be more confident in the saddle.

Once she's out on pasture board, I'm hoping that I can stop by the barn and ride her on my way home from work.  I ordered a western saddle and some tack of my own so I can just goof around with her during the winter.    The saddle is back ordered for about four weeks, though.  I should receive the rest of the tack that I ordered next week.  I'll try to post a pic with her new gear.

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