Sunday at the Barn – What happened to summer?

Today started out cold and rainy, and it looks like it's going to end like that.  What a crappy day.  It's only August, so it can't be fall yet, but it certainly seemed like it today.

The morning started out with a little drive with Tuck.  While getting him ready, I noticed that he has too much neck skin.  It's all wrinkly, and he looks like he needs a little nip and tuck.  Sara told me I was being mean, but when I pointed out the massive amount of creases on his neck, she had to agree that maybe I had a point.

Tuck is a blast to drive.  First off, he flat walks.  He would do it forever, I think, if you'd let him.  Next, he's incredibly well behaved.  He does tend to surge along the rails, but M said they have been working on that, and he didn't do it very much today.  He broke a few times when M shook the bag whip, but when I leaned back on the reins, he dropped back into a trot.  She said that he looked really cute today.  I'd much rather drive him than ride him.

Next, after helping get a couple of the other horses ready, I tacked up Blondie.  I was in the ring with Audie and Abby, and while for the most part M just had me work on keeping Blondie's head up and having her trot straight lines, she did have me participate in some of the exercises she had prepared for the girls.  My favorite was cantering in the two point for 10 strides, then sitting for 10 strides and repeating. There's just something exhilarating about crouching over a horse's neck as it canters along. 

I stuck around to watch the weanling and Elmer, the yearling, run around the arena.  They are both so cute!  Elmer is a beautiful bay, and his coat is so shiny.  His name just doesn't do him justice.  Now there's an Elmer and a Dudley in the barn, and neither one of them looks as dorky as their names.

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