Lesson 13

Monday dawned, dim and rainy.  Another fall-like day sandwiched in the middle of summer.  It rained all day, setting a record for accumulation in Metro Detroit, and causing flooding and power outages throughout the area.  Not mine, for change.

I sloshed through the mud into the barn, and M asked me what I wanted to do.  Since I wanted to ride my pony, she told me to get her ready.  Kim was getting her beast prepped as well, and her lesson was half over by the time I had Blondie ready to enter the arena.

There were cones set across the ring, an indication that the rain had caused a minor flood at the end of the arena.  I was told to be careful at that end, and to stay on the other side of the cones.  Since Blondie doesn't steer very well, I took this as an opportunity to work on this important skill.  After the lesson, I decided we still need a lot of work on it.  She only ran over one cone, though.

Again, I worked on keeping her head up, and getting her to listen to my cues.  She's getting better at not pulling on the bit, and a couple of times she really had her head up, and was using her ears.  She looked so cute from where I was sitting!  I wonder what she looked like from the ground.

The canter was a little scary, because M told me I had to keep Blondie balanced, or we'd slip at the wet end of the ring.  The first way, she stepped right into the canter, and it was a nice, slow canter at that!  She glided around the corners, and I was able to guide her without her getting scrambly and tripping. 

The second way wasn't quite so pretty, and we picked up the wrong lead, too!  M  was having me work on transitioning from the walk to the canter; apparently I lean forward when I cue the canter, which makes Blondie shoot off.  This is something else that I'll have to work on over the winter.

I received my shipment from the tack store, and I promptly packed it all up and sent it back.  I was so disappointed with the quality, and the two things I needed the most, the saddle pad and the western girth, were back ordered!  The saddle is back ordered, too, and I hope that it looks better than the rest of the junk I returned! 

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