Pic of the Day

The weather was rather ominous, and as we were under a severe thunderstorm warning, I decided to postpone a visit to the barn until tomorrow.  Now that the rain is coming down hard and heavy, I think I made a good decision.  I didn't want a repeat of last Friday's lesson, and I don't think Blondie would be able to handle the thunder with the same indifference as Jimmy.  Plus, with the lights flickering, I would have been totally screwed if the power went out at the barn.  Pray that it doesn't go out here!

Here's a pic from the Ludington show.  This Friesian stud was being naughty, and had just stood up, striking his handler.  She didn't seem too badly hurt by his kick, but I bet she had one heck of a bruise.  He was a beautiful horse, in spite of his rude manners.


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