The California Grill

With our Priority Seating reservation at 5:30, we parked at Epcot at 4:30 and took the monorail to the Ticket and Transportation Center.  Then it was a quick switch to the resort monorail line, and after numerous delays because our train was too close to the one ahead of us, we arrived at the Contemporary just in time for dinner.

We checked in and were led to the elevator to the 15th floor, and asked to wait in the lounge until our table was ready.  They have to give us time to spend some money on drinks.  Since neither of us indulges in alcoholic refreshments, we sat at a table and looked out the windows, enjoying the panoramic view.

It was only a short wait until we were lead to a table, and for a brief moment, we were both afraid we would be seated away from the windows.  But no, our table was right next to a window, and the Magic Kingdom was spread out before us.

We started the meal with a Spicy Sensation, a sushi roll with crab, scallops, avocado, tobiko, and a spicy sauce.  The roll was 8 pieces and cost a whopping $18 bucks.  Ouch!  It was very good, and had been coated with tempura batter and quickly fried.  It was served with pickled cucumbers with fresh flower petals, and ginger.  The flower petals were a nice touch, and added a unique taste to the cucumbers.

Next came the main course.  I really wanted to try the butternut squash soup, but was afraid I wouldn't be able to eat everything, so I was forced to pass on it.  I ordered pan-seared scallops, substituting the baby carrots for squash. The scallops were presented on a bed of wheat risotto.  The meal was delicious.  Dean ordered the grilled pork loin with goat cheese polenta and mushrooms.  It looked good, and I had considered ordering it, too, but I thought the pork would be a little heavier than the scallops.  I wanted to have room for dessert!

After the meal, I ordered Lemon Buttermilk pudding with mango and pomegranate, and Dean ordered a variation on a pineapple upside down cake.  His dessert, I'm sad to admit, was better than mine.  It was light and fluffy, and I wished I had ordered it!

After we finished our dinner, we headed out to the observation deck to check out the view.  We were invited to come back later to watch the fireworks, but everything looked so small up there, I didn't really want to view them from there. 

The California Grill provided the best meal so far.  Cost?  $112 before the tip!  Good thing we don't drink!  The tab would have been at least another 30 to 40 bucks if we did!!

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3 Responses to The California Grill

  1. Stephen says:
    You should try Victoria and Alberts. Their meals cost more then double. However, BEST…MEAL…EVER.
  2. Julie says:
    I would love to eat there, but dressing up on my vacation is not my idea of a good time.
  3. Stephen says:
    But it’s *soooo* good. It’s very possibly the best meal I have ever had…ever. The only drawback is that it starts at $90 a person.

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