Lesson 2.2


Blondie in skinnier days

Monday's lesson was the last for about 3 weeks.  M is out of town this week to judge a horse show, and they leave for Oklahoma on Monday.  I decided the ride Blondie in the western saddle to confirm that I could get it on her correctly by myself.  I actually think it's easier to put on then the cut back.  Go figure.

Towards the end of the lesson, M gave me things to work on by myself.  She said that Blondie knows how to travel along the rail, and now it's time to start teaching her new things.  I should work patterns with her, just circles, figure 8s and serpentines.  Nothing complicated, and don't spend a lot of time on them.  Don't overwhelm her.  Don't forget to praise her when she does something right.  I think that was something that I wasn't doing.  She told me that I need to talk more to my horse.  That should be easy enough to work on!

It was very humid, and Blondie was just soaked when we finished.  M commented that she's getting pudgy, too.  Now that she's out of shape and had put on weight from eating all the grass that's available to her, it's a good thing that I plan on stopping by the barn to ride her every night on my way home from work!  We'll both get a little exercise now.

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