2nd Solo Ride


Blondie, the day after she arrived at her new home. Look at how skinny she is!

So, my second solo ride wasn't so solo.  Kim and her mom were at the barn, so I had some company!  Kim wanted to ride in the outdoor, so this would be another first for me and Blondie.  The most she has done outside at the barn is walk around to cool out.

The footing was a little slippery at the far end of the ring.  Blondie was great going the first way.  No hesitations, she trotted or cantered when cued.  When we reversed, all was not so right in her little world.

Trotting around the far corner, she decided it was simply terrifying and would veer into the center.  I was happy to have the western saddle, with the extra deep, secure seat.  I legged her over, laughed at her stupidity, and couldn't figure out what was scaring her.  Kim pointed to the plastic jump stand that was under the fence.  I thought it couldn't possibly be that, because we had walked, trotted, and cantered by it going the other way.  It turned out that it was the scary horse eating monster, and now I know my mare is a freak.  At least be afraid of it with both eyes, not just one!

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