Our Last Day in the Kingdom, and Dinner at Jiko

Tuesday was humid and overcast.  We went back to the Waffle for breakfast, mainly because Dean knows I won't be able to eat at another one until summertime.  This was only the second time all vacation that we ate together in the morning.  Dean doesn't usually eat breakfast, so I would get up, take a shower, and head downstairs by myself.  It's a good thing I got used to eating by myself at horse shows.

After packing up our stuff and sending it off with Fedex, we headed to the internet center at the hotel to print off our boarding passes.  After fighting with NWA's website for about 5 minutes (at .20 per!) I finally thought of checking us each in separately.  Worked like a charm, but I've never had to do that before.

With most of the administrative tasks for the trip home complete, we headed to Epcot. We arrived shortly after 11, and walked over to the Land to see how long the Fast Pass line was for Soarin'. It was for a 4:15-5:15 return, which was too close to our dinner reservations, so we just stood in the 45 minute standby line.

After a short wait of about 20 minutes, we boarded our glider and were sent off soaring into the clouds.  This is a great ride, and it's amazing how thoroughly confused your brain becomes with a huge movie screen and a few changes in what you're sitting on. 

After Soarin' we walked over to France for a last visit to the pastry shop.  Then I stopped for some photo ops with Belle from Beauty and the Beast and Sleeping Beauty. 

By the time we circled the World Showcase again, I was hungry for some chips in the UK.  I once again failed in my quest to eat my way around the world, but this gives me a good excuse to plan another visit to WDW some time in the future.

Just for giggles, I stopped at a Disney Vacation Club kiosk to listen to the spiel about the Disney version of a time share.  Too bad I don't have the $15100 it costs to buy my "deed" in the Kingdom.  It's a tad overpriced, even if I get 47 years of annual Disney trips.

We tried to ride Spaceship Earth again (yes, Dean thinks it's a lame ride, too), but it had broken down and was closed.  So sad!

Dinner was at Jiko at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.  It started raining, so we left a little early so we could watch the animals wandering around the savannah.  I wanted to see the wildebeests, they were right in front of the observation area.  Yeah!

Jiko is the only resort restaurant that gave Dean a hard time about being in a sleeveless shirt.  He had just purchased a sweatshirt in the gift shop, so he put that on.  No more complaints about how he was dressed.

We started our meal with a Taste of Africa - Kalamata Olive Hummus, Durban Tikka Masala, and Malay Sagh Dhal Dip with Lentil Pappadam, whole wheat lavosh, and flaxseed Naan bread.  This was awesome!  I ordered the Roasted Butternut Squash Soup - with sagh dhal cottage cheese and toasted pumpkin seeds.  It wasn't as good as the soup at Citricos, but the pumpkin seeds were a nice touch.

For dinner, I ordered Durban Shrimp Curry - with artichokes, tomatoes, sweet peas and colusari rice.  This was excellent!  I especially enjoyed the microgreens, though it could have been slightly spicier.   It was one of my favorite meals all vacation.  Dean tried the Maize-crusted and Seared Pacific Halibut - with vegetables of the moment, tomato butter sauce, and crispy sweet potatoes.  He didn't think the veggies or the sweet potatoes did much for him, but he said the fish was excellent.

For dessert, we shared a Pistachio Creme Brulee with layered chocolate bottom.  It did taste like pistachio, and the chocolate on the bottom was a nice touch. By this time, I was tired of eating!    This means that it's time to go home!!

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