10/22/07 Pic of the Day and Lesson 2.5


D warming up devilish Gio at Ludington

Today was another freakishly warm day. I think it's the last, however, as the forecast calls for temps to drop to the 50s. Boohoo. I hate the cold.

We worked at transiting from the trot to a walk, and then halting.  Blondie hates to stand still, so this is really hard for her.  M told me to work on just walking straight lines, like diagonally across the arena, or transitions.  Just simple stuff to get Blondie paying attention.  I wasn't feeling very confident at the canter today, and was told that I am gripping too tightly with my knees and not letting my legs hang down.  It seems to me that the force of gravity should pull them down, but no, they constantly creep upwards.  Grr!

Blondie was a little sluggish, which, I was told, is from her running for hours with her new buddy, Lily.  I was told that she is the easiest going horse of the bunch, which is really hard to believe.  Her new pasture buddies are DeeDee, Lily, and Xena.  Ruby is going to be sold, so I hope she doesn't get too attached to her. 

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