10/25/07 Pic of the Day and Lesson 2.6

Gio and his funny ears

Ok, so Audie looks really happy, but Gio looks less than thrilled. In fact, he looks like he could bite the next person to cross his path!

Last night's lesson was very challenging.  We worked on first trotting, then cantering, spirals.  The exercise is to help the horse become more elastic, and to help the rider learn to better maneuver their horse.  Starting with a large circle, you trot or canter successively smaller circles, and then gradually make them bigger.  Blondie wasn't bad at the trot, though she was stiff and didn't really bend, but the canter was not a pretty sight.  We almost mowed down the instructor!  M said that this is a good exercise for both Blondie and me.  Blondie needs to learn how to bend, and it will help me better understand how to move her around.

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