10/28/07 Pic of the Day

Little Kids and Horses

Little kids and horses always look cute

It was freezing this morning!  Literally.  32 degrees at 8 am.  I started feeling very guilty, as last night was Blondie's first full night outside.  Hope she doesn't resent me too much. 

Kim went out to the pasture to help me catch Blondie, which turned out to be anticlimactic.  The horse walked right up to her (I am not as nimble as she is, and was still in the process of clambering over the rail).  The biggest problem was getting out of the pasture without Lily following right along behind us.  Tina is calling them the Bobbsey Twins, but they are more like Siamese twins. 

Both of Blondie's eyes remembered about the back door, and she wasn't scared of it at all.  Yeah!  Hope they remember about it tomorrow, too.

I had a good ride, which consisted mostly of cantering.  Oh, and trying for a nice flat walk.  That wasn't happening today.  Blondie was jigging to her own beat, and she kept falling out of the canter.  Right when I had her at a nice, easy pace, she pooped out.  Then she'd race down the rail when I cued her again, and quit again, which only made the cantering prolonged, as M wouldn't let her tell us when she was finished.  Needless to say, she had to stand in a stall with a cooler, while I watched another lesson.  She wasn't really all that hot, but I wasn't about to take her while she was still damp.

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