10/29/07 Pic of the Day and Lesson 2.8


I'm so glad Blondie doesn't act like this when I try to bring her in for our lessons!

We had a fairly good lesson tonight.  Blondie was feeling a little lazy; it must be all of that walking around she gets to do now.  Her turnout is in a 5 acre pasture, and it must seem quite roomy after being cooped up in her stall.  Lily, DeeDee, and Xena share her new digs.

Amber rode with me tonight, and as we were trotting, M would have us trot circles along the rail, or reverse, making a teardrop pattern.  Then we practiced the UPHA pattern, which is a serpentine.  Amber was having a few problems with it, but I think it's because she was confused about what the pattern was supposed to look like.  Blondie was able to complete it with only a little trouble.  She was actually very good when we were waiting for our turn.  Normally she won't stand still, but she did tonight, for the first time.

When I took her back to see her buddies in the field, they raced over the gate and greeted her as though she had been gone for a few months, instead of for an hour.  It's good to know that they are getting along.

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