10/31/07 Pic of the Day and Lesson 2.9

In the Line-up

Happy Halloween! 

I was M's only lesson today.  The kiddies all begged off to go beg for candy.  I don't feel the need to beg for treats; I just steal them from co-workers.

Because it was just me, we dusted off Doc and I had a longe line lesson.  I get little shivers when I think about having to suffer through one of these.  I'm not so bad at the trot, but when we speed up to the canter, I start getting really worried about coming off and eating dirt.  I managed to stay on the entire lesson, but parts of it were pretty darned ugly.  My transitions from canter to walk need some serious work.  My inside leg creeps up at the canter, making my seat very unstable.  M told me it just takes more time in the saddle to fix these flaws.

After sitting Doc's bumpy, lopsided gaits, I have to say that I am really beginning to appreciate Blondie's smooth steps.

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