Back Home, What a Drag!!

Well, here we are, back home again.  It's nice to be home, but the thought of going into work tomorrow isn't doing much for me.

The flight home was uneventful, other than a last minute gate change that we didn't know about.  After settling into my seat, I read manga or watched Bleach on my portable DVD player.

We got stuck in a traffic jam on 275, which was a total downer. I hate getting stuck in traffic.  We wasted 30 minutes trying to go a whole mile!  Argh!

We dashed into Meijer for some essential groceries, and picked up Buu from the kennel.  After we got home, he spent the first hour patrolling and barking at every little noise.

I am getting sick again, but thankfully this year it waited until the last night to start manifesting itself.  Disney has got to be one of the germiest places on the entire planet.  Every time I visit, I bring some disease home with me. I even had hand sanitizer, and we both used it religiously.  *Sigh*

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