11/10/07 Pic of the Day and Lesson 2.13


Blondie at Medallions

To make a long story short, last night's lesson was pretty much a disaster.  It was one of those lessons where you wonder why you're still riding.  I didn't fall or anything quite so dramatic, but Ritz and I just weren't communicating effectively, and I was left rather frustrated.

I was riding Ritz because we going to see how things went, and then decide if I will ride her next weekend at the show.  She wore a full bridle, and things got off to a rocky start.  I was having a really hard time at the trot finding my balance without hanging onto her mouth, but after working at it for a while, I started feeling a little more comfortable with her bouncy trot.

Then I asked her to canter.  On Sunday, she wouldn't go forward, and when she did, you had to constantly bump her to keep her going forward.  Last night, she took off like a bat out of hell!  It took a couple of loops around to get her to back off and canter  at a more leisurely pace.  Not really a big deal.

Then we reversed, and she did the same thing, only faster!  I could not get her to slow down, and then I couldn't even get her to stop!  All the time I'm thinking, What the hell happened to this horse that wouldn't even canter one time around without quitting?  After M told me to jerk her head right off, she stopped, and then M hopped on.  Of course she has a better seat than me, and she doesn't let the horses get away with anything, so Ritz behaved.  She kept diving in her bridle, which was making M mad, but she didn't take off like her tail was on fire.

So now I guess I'm going to have to ride Harley next weekend.  Don't get me wrong; he's an awesome horse.  He's just so push button that there's not much of a challenge any more.  I wish we could take Blondie, so I could get some experience riding the horse I'll be showing next year!  Anyway, after two years of riding, I am feeling a little down on myself because I couldn't get a silly little Morgan to stop charging around the arena.  M joked afterwards that maybe I should consider barrel racing.  Haha!  Blondie's not built for that kind of thing...

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