11/11/07 Pic of the Day and Too Many Noodles!

Blondie during warm-up

Warming up before our class at Medallions

Today I headed off to the barn early; I was supposed to be in Frankenmuth, over an hour drive, by 12:30, so it was a rush to fit riding in.  M asked if I wanted a longe line lesson before I rode Blondie, and I told her I would do that, but have to skip riding Blondie.  I did want to try on her new blankie and make sure it fit.

When I went out to the pasture to collect her, I saw that Spitfire has been turned out with the girls, and the little filly was running all over the place.  I also saw that Blondie's nose was a runny mess, with bits of grass stuck in the snot for visual appeal.  Wonderful.  I took her back to the barn and pointed out her illness,  and both D and M commented that almost the entire farm is sick now.  Great.  I put on her blanket and took her back outside. When we arrived back at the gate, all of the other horses rushed over to make sure they weren't missing out on anything.

The longe line lesson was pretty uneventful, but it pointed out how much work I need to do to improve my balance.  It seems that just as I think I'm starting to understand one thing, something else becomes suddenly incomprehensible.  Tomorrow Jen is taking her first lesson with M, so I will be practice riding Blondie.

After finishing up at the barn, I met up with Michael and Jen, and we drove to Frankenmuth (home of over-priced, all you can eat chicken dinners) to meet up with more of the family.  As we settled into our chairs, I suggested that we have a butter noodle eating contest.  The waitress brought two bowls of noodles, having overheard our discussion.  I won, but only because Michael gave up.  I guess he preferred the mashed potatoes to the noodles. 

After a quick stop in the bakeries, where I loaded up on stollen bread and tea, we headed back home.

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