Hello from Paris, Vegas Style!

Dean and I hopped on a plane yesterday and headed for sunny Las Vegas.  It's not exactly warm, but it's better than the weather back home.  I was able to avoid eating turkey for yet another year, and celebrated the holiday with a generous helping of shrimp scampi instead. 

It took most of the day to get here, and the time change is really playing havoc with my system.  I did manage to stay awake until about 8 pm Vegas time, but I soon dozed off to sleep.  After almost 20 years of traveling with me, Dean was prepared for an early evening.  We did manage to stroll through The Forum Shops and wander around the Mirage, as well as work another meal into the schedule before heading back to Paris.

Paris is packed, and it was impossible to get into the buffet without about a 2 hour wait.  I don't think any buffet is worth standing in line for that long, but all of the buffets that we walked by had lines at least as long.  Crazy! 

Today we are planning on heading over to the M & M Factory and to the Luxor end of the Strip.  We were going to see what's playing at the IMAX, and maybe check out the jousting show at Excalibur for dinner.  That's the only dinner show that I am really keen on going to.

I didn't bring my camera, though my dad brought his along and he kindly gave it to me to use.  We haven't seen much of my parents, who traveled out with us, except for lunch yesterday and breakfast this morning.  My dad is shocked at the high prices of everything - things have changed since the last time they were in town!  Getting back to the camera, I don't know if I will be able to post any pictures until I get back. I forgot my card reader, and don't have the correct cable to hook the camera up to my computer.  If I can find a cheap card reader, I'll pick it up so I can start downloading the images off of the camera.

Well, that's the update for now! 

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