11/24/07 Pic of the Day

Vegas horses

The theme of the day today was seafood. So much seafood! Too much seafood! It all started at the breakfast buffet at Caesar's, where a mountain of shrimp and crab legs could be had for the entry fee of $24.95. Next was sushi at Ichiban, which was tasty and reasonably priced - 3 rolls for $35.00. The day ended at Sea Blue, with crab legs, prawns, lobster, mussels, scallops, and even a tiny rabbit tossed in for good measure. We'll just keep the total of that to ourselves, because I can't remember ever spending that much on a meal, but Dean insists that my memory is a faulty, and it is only the second most expensive dining experience that we have had. I think I am sick of seafood now!  I know I'm sick of spending money on it!

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