11/26/07 Pic of the Day

Diablo & Me

Diablo, aka the Villain's horse, and me

Hee hee!!  Today I was given a tour of the Excalibur stables!!!  My dad's friend's daughter works there, and she offered to show me around.  It was so cool!  I was able to pet the stars of the show, and I even met the barn cat.  All of the horses have their own air-conditioned stall, and they are bathed every day!  They are saddled up in the stable, which is in the back of the parking lot, and walked across the lot to the backstage area, where their costuming is completed.  I didn't get to see any of that excitement, but I was able to watch their morning feeding.  Despite their stardom, they are just as focused on their food as other, less glamorous ponies.  🙂

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