11/28/07 Pic of the Day & The Long Journey Home

Blondie on Vacation

This is what Blondie did on her vacation

We wasted most of yesterday on an airplane, flying back home.  I can't say that I was sorry to leave the excesses of Vegas; had we stayed a few more days, I probably wouldn't have fit on the plane.

We stayed at Paris, which I will probably not do again.  It's in a good location for wandering along the Strip, but the service wasn't very friendly.   The buffet was also disappointing.  Luxor and Mandalay Bay both offer better accommodations, and I liked them best of all of the hotels we've stayed at.  The Bellagio is nice, but it's so expensive!

We arrived back home to an unpleasant surprise; winter has moved in, and it looks like it's going to stay for a while.  There's ice and snow on the ground!  Yuck!  It was quite cold this evening, and I had to break out the winter gear in addition to the hand warmers.  I felt like a penguin in my arctic thermals and three layers of shirts, but I was fairly comfortable, so I guess it's worth putting up with the stay-puffed feeling.

Blondie was a good girl for not being ridden in a week.  She even tried so hard to canter circles, but pilot error kept running her into the wall.  She also needs to work on standing still, which she just hates to do.

It's nice to be home, and there's a horse show this weekend to look forward to.  It's supposed to be about 25 degrees, so I hope they crank up that turbo heater early!!

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  1. Kim says:
    good luck at the show

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