11/30/07 Pic of the Day & Waiting for the Show


The temperatures took a plunge in the wrong direction, and it made my riding lesson a little uncomfortable.  Jen's lesson was right before mine, but she waited until afterward to tell me that she didn't have any gloves.  Silly kid!  I had 4 pairs in my tack box!  I felt bad that her fingers were so cold.

I rode Harley, since I'll be riding him at the show tomorrow.  He's on a new medicine to help with his breathing, and it must be working, because he was actually kind of perky!  He also wasn't a sodden, sweaty mess when we were finished.  I feel really bad now, because I rode him when he wasn't feeling well, and could hardly catch his breath. 

Jen and I headed to East Lansing after a brief stop home to kiss Dean and Buu good-night.  We stopped at Pancheros for a quick bite to eat, and then headed to the hotel.  Jen is already out like a light- it's been a long week!

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  1. Jen says:
    It was a long week!!! I was absolutely pooped!!! And I slept great last night too. Don’t feel bad my hands were cold, live and learn. It wasnt that bad out, I mean, at least I still have hands 🙂 BTW, my legs are reallly sore…

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