12/14/07 Lessons 9 & 10


Nope, no horses here, just big, smelly pachyderms

Been a little busy the past few days, but it's ok, Mom, I'm still alive!  Just tired and looking forward to next weekend, and two long weekends in a row.

Wednesday's lesson started with a possum sneaking into the arena.  Sara and M tried to guide it out with a rake and a pitch fork; I just played blocker and made sure it didn't get further into the arena.  After chasing it out, we got the horses ready and had a chilly lesson, focusing mainly on leg strengthening.  I rode Jimmy because it was so icy out, and M had brought all of the lesson horses in earlier in the day, when it was 35 degrees.  The temps plummeted quickly, and I was freezing by the time I had Jimmy ready for beddy-bye.

Last night, I went Christmas shopping with a co-worker who shall remain nameless.  You know who you are!  You even ate a piece of deep fried sushi!  Maybe next year you will try something that isn't breaded and cooked.  Oishi is my new favorite place to go for Japanese food; I wonder if I can talk Dean into going tomorrow?

Tonight's lesson was a lunge line lesson on my favorite horse, Ritz.  Argh!  She was a lot more challenging than Doc, and it was her first lunge line lesson, ever.  I wasn't sure how I felt about being a guinea pig.  We didn't try any no stirrup work, thank goodness, and I was worried the whole time about falling off.  I don't know if these lessons actually help me, as I am so tense and stiff and my form just sucks.  I get forward and just kind of hang on for dear life.  Sigh.

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