12/21/07 Pic of the Day and Lessons 12 & 13

Dayton Horse Show

Yeah!  The holidays are almost here!  Four days off of work, more opportunities to eat out with Dean, and only a three day work week next week!  Beautiful!!

Wednesday's lesson was again all about leg strengthening.  I rode Jimmy, and while the new assistant instructor was working with students on the rail, I had a 10 minute lunge line lesson.  When that torture was done, I moved to the rail, and one of the other students moved to the middle of the arena so M could give them some personalized attention.

I hate to say it, but my legs were already tired by the time I moved Jimmy to the rail.  Then A was just mean!  We trotted in two point, dropped our stirrups and posted at the trot, and moved into the two point at the trot.  We cantered a lot (with stirrups).  She told me that my upper body was flopping around and my hands weren't steady.  I don't normally worry about my rein position, as I don't ride equitation, but A wasn't satisfied with where I kept my hands.  Sigh.

Tonight I rode Harley, as he hadn't been worked today.  The warming temps also caused a coating of melting snow to cover the layer of ice, making for pretty treacherous walking conditions, so Blondie is getting a nice break.  I think she's coming inside at the end of next month, so her days of leisure are almost over.

We again worked on leg exercises, with lots of no stirrup work.  Then we worked on canter leads, and hand galloping down the rail in a two point, sitting the corners at a slower pace, and racing down the rail again.  By the time we were finished, I was feeling very sorry for Harley.  M thinks he spit out his medicine, so he wasn't breathing very well again.