Merry Christmas and Lessons 14 & 15

Dayton Horse Show

You'd be pissed if you were forced to run around in 100 degree weather, too!

Merry Christmas! 

Here's a quick run down of the weekend - Saturday we avoided all malls and shopping centers, opting to head over to our new favorite Indian buffet, Temptations.  It was yummy as always, but the service was not up to par.  In fact, it was down right disappointing.  Hope that's not a new trend there.

Sunday I was almost late for my lesson because I started playing a stupid game in Gaia.  It's my new time suck, as I enjoy building their free puzzles.  At 300 pieces, they aren't terribly difficult, and I earn gold when I'm finished - yay!  I can buy furniture for my new Gaia house! 

At the barn, I went out and got Blondie.  It was 50 degrees(!), and all of the ice melted.  Yay!  The wind was gusting horribly, though, so it didn't feel very warm.  Boo!  By the middle of the day, it was back to 22 degrees.  Hiss!

Blondie was just terrible in her stall, and I was starting to think that she would be a handful during the lesson.  For not being ridden in two weeks, she wasn't bad.  D commented that she was really out of shape, and we agreed to bring her in next week.  Blondie's life of leisurely strolling about munching on grass is coming to an end.

After the lesson, Dean and I headed to Oishi, which is now my favorite Japanese restaurant.  It is so good!  They have delicious curry, which you can get with rice, ramen, udon, or soba.  Their sushi rolls are also very tasty.

Yesterday Jen and I had a lesson together.  I rode Jimmy, and she rode Doc.  Since Blondie's vacation will be over next week, I decided she can just play outside until then.  M & D are going to be out of town until next Wednesday, and they are going to bring her inside when they get back.  If the weather isn't too bad next weekend, I'll go ride, but if it's really cold, we'll just take a break.

M let Harley out while we were riding, and he and Doc didn't get along so well.  Jen, still learning how to steer, was having trouble keeping them apart, so M took Harley back to his stall.  It was pretty funny, as Harley was really full of himself.  He was actually prancing around, putting on a show.  Even Jimmy perked up his ears and felt obligated to step up a little.

Jen and I went and got coffee after our lesson.  Then it was back home, and time for a nap!  At about 3, we started getting ready to head out for Christmas Eve dinner at my parents.  Now, I'm feeling a little sad because Christmas is almost over.  I won't miss all of the food, though.  Even I am getting tired of eating.