Sunday at the Barn – Why are they riding a rabbit?



Oh!!  Today when I got to the barn, A was getting Gizmo ready to jog.  After D jogged him around the arena a few times, he asked me if I was ready.  Me!  I got to drive Gizmo!  They are working on teaching him that he doesn't have to be fast all the time, so it was a nice, leisurely spin around the ring.  He was really fun to drive.

Next, I got Blondie ready.  Then we had a free for all in the arena.  A was giving a lunge line lesson, and Kim and I were working our horses at the same time.  Amber started giving instructions to us, but M took over.  When we reversed, Blondie decided that the shavings pile has turned into a horse eating monster.  If it's not one thing, it's another with her.  Now the back door doesn't give her pause; the shavings pile is suddenly scary. 

After working her through that, I guess I cut off Kim and her horse.  Then, M had us chase each other around the ring, cutting each other off so we learned how to better maneuver through traffic.  It was fun, but I was getting rather warm during the exercise.  Then we worked on a canter, and called it good.

After I put Blondie away, D started working on putting her shoes back on.  He's not putting her show shoes on yet, just a little pair.  Hope I can still ride her when he does put the show shoes on.

Next, Audie took a spin on Bentley.  It was so funny!  It looked like she was riding a rabbit.  He was booking pretty good, too, but since he's had over a year off, they didn't work him for very long. Amber did get to hop on for a quick turn, while M hooked him up to a lunge line.  Before I left, they asked if I wanted to ride him and I laughed.  Bentley is the only horse in the barn I have never wanted to ride.  I'd feel guilty making him haul me around, and feel ridiculous because he's so small.  M said that I could drive him instead.  That I'm interested in!

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