It’s Hay! and Lesson 19


When I pulled up to the barn, the hay was being delivered.  The guys that bring it are so funny.  The older guy sets the bales on the noisy contraption that lifts them to the loft, and the younger guy runs back and forth stacking the bales.  He's noisy, too, and if I really pay attention, I can hear him swearing under his breath as he stomps back and forth over my head. 

I had a lunge line lesson on Jimmy tonight.  M even threw in some new challenges - we trotted over two ground poles while I was in the two point and the posting trot.  It was little rough at the posting trot, because I kept leaning forward.  Still, for not having done that particular exercise before, I thought I did pretty well.

What I sucked at was dropping my stirrups and "running."  I was supposed to move my lower legs like I was running, while hanging onto the back of the saddle at a sitting trot. I just couldn't do this, especially going the other way of the ring.  M finally had me do it at a walk, because it wasn't working at a trot.  I am just weaker going the second way.  We didn't even try to go over the ground poles in that direction.  Sigh.

It's supposed to get very, very cold over the next week, and I am so not looking forward to riding when the temps are in the single digits.  Yuck.

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