Eggs and Spoons


Whoa! Look at the size of those nostrils!

We did something different during the lesson last night.  M brought a carton of eggs and a bag of spoons, and after we had warmed up, she gave everyone an egg and a spoon.  Then she told us we were to put our reins in one hand, hold the spoon with the egg in the other, and move forward at a walk.  In the two point.  Then we would trot, and then canter, keeping the egg on the spoon.

Ok, I knew that I would be one of the first to drop the egg, and I was, indeed, the first.  Blondie and I were great at the walk, and were doing fine at the trot, as long as we were on a straightaway.  I was having a problem steering her around the corners with one hand, though.  My egg didn't break after the first tumble into the dirt, which is pretty surprising considering how far it fell.  It must have been frozen solid by that point.

After dropping the egg again the other direction, I became frustrated with it and just worked on steering with one hand.  No spoon, no egg, just keeping the other hand held out by my side.  We still sucked, and I can see that this is something that we are really going to have to work on should we ever hope to become egg and spoon champs. 

Next, we worked on the judge's pattern from the show last week end.  It was trot down the rail, perform a figure eight using the entire arena, and then trot down the opposite rail.  Blondie is getting better at patterns - or maybe the size of the figure eight for easier for her.  I kept changing my diagonal too soon.

After the pattern, I asked Blondie to canter, and she totally ignored me.  I pulled her up, backed her a step, and then asked again.  She stepped off into the best canter transition I've had on her, and she stayed nice and slow.  I was really happy with that.  Maybe it helped that D had ridden her earlier in the day. 

In her stall, though, she was just being a pig.  She kept jigging and crowding me when I was on her left side.  Her ground manners are just the worst.  You'd think that for two square meals a day and only having to work about 30 minute at a time that she'd be a little more appreciative.

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