Frigid Friday Lesson

Sammy & Kim

The weather has gotten steadily colder over the past few days, with highs on Sunday expected to be in the low teens.  It wasn't quite that bad on Friday, but it was cold enough to have me reaching for extra hand warmers.

At the barn, Jen and I noticed that a new horse has moved in.  It is a Friesian stud.  He's quite the looker, and he knows it.  When I asked D if he wanted me to ride Blondie or something else, he asked if I wanted to ride the Friesian.  I was excited for about 5 seconds, before I realized that there had to be some kind of catch.  When I asked if he was broke, I was told that someone sat on his back once.  Err, no thanks, I'll stick with Blondie.

Jen's assigned mount was Harley, and she wasn't very certain that she liked the idea at first.  As M was busy with a lunge line lesson, she asked me to give Harley his medicine.  I was a little reluctant at first, because I have never medicated a horse, but it went pretty much without a hitch.  At the end of the lesson he wasn't sweating and gasping for air, so I much have done it correctly.

Jen was having a bit of trouble keeping Harley moving, but when she did get him to step up, he looked cute.  Her leg looked pretty solid, too. 

The horses weren't hot when we took them back to their stalls, so we brushed them off, put away the tack, and made a fast exit.  I was getting cold by then, and just wanted to head home.

Right now, it's about 4 degrees.  I am so looking forward to my lesson this morning.  As long as my feet and head stay warm, I am usually ok. 

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