Another Cold Night

I am trying to deal with a sick dog, so I'm a little pressed for time tonight.  He keeps needing to go outside (I'll let you guess what's wrong with him) and the Pepto  is only now starting to work.  No pic and short post.

Argh!  It was freezing again last night!  It was about 22 degrees, and it was snowing, too!  I bundled up again, and headed off to the group lesson.

The heater was on when I arrived, but it ran out of fuel before I was finished getting Blondie ready.  Ugh!  I didn't get really cold until after the lesson, though my fingers were freezing.  The rest of me stayed fairly warm.

We worked at the walk, then the trot, and then moved to the canter.  Forever, it seemed. All of the other horses were being pistols about cantering, while Blondie, for a change, just went steadily around the arena.  She did break once, but I made her pick it right back up again.  Gio was jumping around like a goof, Ritz was being Ritz, and I didn't really see what was going on with Wild Child.  After cantering both ways we called it a night - didn't want the horses to get too hot, and have to walk them for an hour to cool out.


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