Sunday at the Barn

Lawn Mower

Look at me!  I'm a lawn mower!

Here is the first of two catch up posts. 

Sunday was the start of a mini heat wave, but I felt colder than when the temps were in the teens. Maybe that’s an effect of humidity? I don’t know, but I was freezing, especially my feet.

D is getting frustrated with Blondie, because she is acting like a moody mare. She keeps quitting on him, and diving into the middle of the ring. She was acting like that last year, which is why we stopped racking her.  She was getting so full of herself that I could hardly ride her.  I don’t know, maybe she is mildly retarded or something. She can’t concentrate on 5 gaits in the same exercise period. It was so much easier last summer when all she had to do was walk and trot while pulling the buggy.

M warmed her up, and had her racking around fairly smoothly. Then I got on and D had me concentrate on her head set, at the trot and the canter. We cantered a lot, and he would say, “She’s getting long,” and I would have to bring her head back up without letting her stop. Then we called it good and put her back in her stall.

I had a terrible lunge line lesson on Jimmy next. I just couldn’t find a solid seat. It was very frustrating, and I was so happy when it was over.

Next, I hopped on Wildchild’s back to check out Zoe’s new saddle that she picked up at the tack sale the day before. It is so comfy! Too bad it’s a hunt saddle. I used to think that my saddle was cushy, but now it just seems slippery.

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